Awesome image that shows the first modern day router - and this guy loves it.

Awesome image that shows the first modern day router – and this guy loves it.

I’m that guy – no, not the guy in the image.  I’m the guy that tells all of his clients about the value of content yet won’t sit his lazy butt down and write for himself.  Today I spent over 4 hours writing proposals, client and prospect emails, comments on Facebook, and text messages yet even still, I was hesitant to write anything here.  My stupid internal reasoning says every moment I spend writing here is one less important email I get to send.  But I keep reminding my stupid  self, many of the emails that I write (and that you likely write for your company), have worth that is much greater than the value of the single person you are sending them to.  You are answering questions or giving people additional thoughts for a reason – because the person on the end of that email needed information/clarification/etc.  Sure, you may need to clean up the email a bit for public consumption, double check your spllcheck (AHEM) and remove personal details, but the truth is – those emails you are sending are mostly content gold!

In the near future, I will be adding more content to the blog.  Questions around digital marketing will be answered and best web design practices will be as well.  How?  Well I will simply copy and paste emails I have already written.

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