Collaborative Office Interiors

Project Description

Sharp Guys Web Design, a leading digital marketing agency, had the opportunity to collaborate with a company known as Collaborative Office or COI. COI was not just looking for another web design project; they desired a significant shift in their digital strategy to focus on online lead generation, a facet of digital marketing where Sharp Guys shines with considerable expertise.

COI’s unique value proposition in the Houston market lies in their ability to weave together custom designs with a variety of office furniture. It’s a distinctive service that sets them apart from being just another eCommerce website. This uniqueness needed to be reflected and accentuated in their web presence, and that’s where Sharp Guys’ proficiency in web design came to the fore.

Our team at Sharp Guys embarked on this project with a clear vision – to translate COI’s physical world expertise into the digital realm. This was crucial for COI, as it was important to visually showcase their distinctive skills. But it wasn’t just about showcasing; we also ensured that COI’s brand aesthetics were at the core of the redesigned website.

Just as COI weaves together the perfect office environment, Sharp Guys brought together the best elements of responsive web design, digital marketing, and brand consistency. We worked closely with the COI team to focus back in on their core brand aesthetics, a move that significantly enhanced consistency throughout the site. The redesigned website was not just a digital marketing tool, but also a true reflection of COI’s identity and values.

Though eCommerce was not a primary focus for COI at the time of the redesign, we at Sharp Guys believe in future-proofing our work. With that in mind, we intentionally built the website using a foundational platform that can easily accommodate eCommerce functionality. This means that if COI decides to pivot towards eCommerce in the future, they can do so quickly and painlessly without the need for a complete website redesign.

In summary, our collaboration with COI was more than just a web design project. It was a digital marketing journey that saw us delve deep into brand identity, responsive web design, and online lead generation. With Sharp Guys Web Design at the helm, COI now has a visually stunning website that does more than sell products – it tells their story and connects with customers on a personal level.

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