Gang, I’m getting old.

Or at least my annoyance at certain things are making me feel old.  Early this year I got a beautiful new stainless-steel coffee maker.  My previous coffee maker, a Ferrari red one died after many years of fine service.  And though my ol’ elixir fixer had been a good one, it wasn’t without its annoyances. It was almost impossible to pour the carafe without spilling, this issue causing me to try and become a better man every day for five years – or at least a better coffee pourer.  When I occasionally made a perfect pour, my heart lept and my fingers would bounce off the keyboard the rest of that day like they were on tiny trampolines.  So while my red tinted beauty never made the scalding hot coffee I enjoy, I loved it.

The new coffee maker seemingly has it all, not only does it have a sexy silver sheen but it also has a side compartment that can be easily washed (me caring about this certainly seems to be another sign I’m growing old).  It has a scientifically engineered metal carafe that makes it nearly impossible to spill, even for people with horrible dexterity like me. Plus, since the carafe is metal, it won’t crack like the old one did.  I was proud of my new purchase and loved it…at first.

Then I began noticing some things I didn’t love – I drink coffee the way some healthy people drink water (by the gallon) because I assume, it has water in it so it is likely just as healthy.  But the new coffee maker makes less coffee than the old one and I frequently run out toward the beginning of the afternoon (yes, I drink afternoon and night coffee – I know, I’m sick).  And then, I noticed the beeping – why anyone adds a beeping noise to a coffee maker is beyond me. It beeps when it is done brewing (as if I hadn’t already grabbed my first cup while it was half finished), it beeps again randomly an hour later, and often times, it will beep in several hours –  I don’t know why and I refuse to Google it to learn.  Why wouldn’t the default setting be a lack of sound?  Are people clamoring for more noises from their appliances?

These days I hear the beeping and I’m reminded of the good old days when I could drink 8 cups of coffee after spilling two cups on the floor due to a poor pour.  I remember the times I was able to sit in peace and quiet while drinking my lukewarm joe.  I think of those times and I yearn – do you ever yearn?  The Ferrari red coffee maker may be gone but it will always have a place in my coffee-filled heart.

The Work

We recently launched a redesigned website (and logo) for an absolutely amazing Noblesville company that makes custom kitchens – the Indiana Kitchen Company.  While I think the new website is attractive and classy, it’s their imagery and kitchens that does almost all of the work.  Seriously, you have to see their kitchens to believe them.  The owners are the nicest people you will ever meet and I’m excited to continue working with them.

Other Stuff

With the never ending snow and cold in April, I thought I would share that the latest date of measurable snowfall in the Indianapolis area was May 9th, 1923 and the latest last freeze was May 27th, 1961 – so we still have a bit before we use up all of our hyperbole about how bad this winter/spring has been.  Stay strong, it is better to hold back your hyperbole for emergencies or you’ll be left saying something truly original the next time you wake up and it is 25 degrees, “This spring has been so cold…”

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