Hey gang,

After looking outside my window this morning and seeing ice on my backyard deck, I intended to feed you a steady diet of my contempt for the cold but instead, I’m giving you my adoration for chili – the only kind of chil… I enjoy (before you ask, mom – this is a joke. I still enjoy my chil…dren).

Many years back I worked at a company named eTapestry – some of you folks on this email may have even been there with me.  If so, instead of calling me out and saying I can only say I ‘worked’ there if I physically use air quotes when using the word ‘work’, let’s instead reminisce about one of the most awesome days of the eTapestry year – the Chili Cook Off.

For those poor uninitiated souls, the eTapestry Chili Cook Off brought folks from all walks of the donor database software ecosystem together by inviting them to bring their best chili recipes into the office to share with all.  And for those that didn’t have a quality chili recipe or like me, didn’t own a crockpot (because they either ate fast food or from ‘the big bowl’ everyday), it provided the experience of eating the warmth and protein that encompasses an incredible bowl of chili.

I was able to take part in a couple of these Cook Offs and those memories have occasionally gotten me through some tough wintery mix times.  If you are part of an office setting and have not yet had a Chili Cook Off day – I entreat you to try it and I request you invite me to attend.  Chili – a meaty, chunky, brazenly hot soup (stew?) with a litany of beans repels the senses in the summer, but during winter time is a respite that provides boundless comfort to our stomachs and psyches.

The Work

With the end of the year so near, we have many projects just about to go live.  Unfortunately I can’t tell you about them yet even though I really want to.  But we have been fortunate to work on some awesome projects all year long and I want to tell you about one in particular that if you live in the Indianapolis area, you may have seen their work in the wild – Container Potty!  This excellent local company provides public restroom facilities to municipalities and other critical locations.  The team that started the business were all fantastic to work with – check out the website to learn more.

Other Stuff

On Election Day this year I conveyed via social media a strange occurrence at Sharp Manor involving our fridge and fellow Hoosier, Pete Buttigieg.  I’ve topically reshared it here so not only are you getting another story involving cold (this time, the cold of a freezer), you’re get one involving the current Secretary of Transportation (note: the word ‘involving’ used here may be used in a slightly less involved way than normally intended).

You can find it italicized below.

I don’t know what to do with this story but it having happened on Election Day, I felt like I had to share it.

Today my wife came down to find the ice maker was having trouble working – it was stopped up by something. I wasn’t home but she told me she dug through the ice to find the hole between the ice making part and the freezer door and pulled out this…an Upper Deck trading card of fellow Hoosier and politician Pete Buttigieg.

We’re not sure how it got there and we’re not sure if Pete was hindering or helping the ice maker during his stay in the mechanism, but either way he was involved and ice is flowing again. They say showing up is half the battle so be like Pete in our ice machine and show up to vote this Election Day!

As always, thanks for reading and if you have time, reach out and let me know how things are going in your life.


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