Certified Inspection Services

Project Description

Certified Inspection Services (CIS) is a dynamic and highly specialized company with a mission to help manufacturing companies identify and correct defective and nonconforming parts. With a team fueled by a nationwide talent database of 1000’s of workers in light industrial & manufacturing, CIS is at the forefront of ensuring quality in manufacturing​​.

When CIS approached us for a website overhaul, we were excited to take on the challenge. The main goal was to clearly present their expertise, ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, and the expansive reach of their services. Their user-friendly customer portal was another essential feature to highlight, as it provides clients with up-to-date daily reporting, tailored to specific projects​1​.

In the development process, we made sure to emphasize their mobility and accessibility, as these are key factors that set CIS apart from their competitors. Their qualified leadership teams are capable of travelling anywhere throughout the continental United States, ensuring a rapid response to any client need​.

The new WordPress website now effectively communicates CIS’s role as a national leader in the inspection and containment industries, demonstrating their unique edge, which includes longstanding career experience in automotive manufacturing, certified quality management systems and processes, and skilled inspection & containment teams​.

Whether it’s about identifying defective or nonconforming parts that could harm a company’s reputation, or advocating for quality in manufacturing, the revamped website ensures that CIS’s core mission and services are front and center​.

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