Big Sharp Guys Web Design News

I’m very excited to announce some big news for Sharp Guys Web Design. During this last week, our team grew considerably more talented by bringing on AJ Krok as a full time WordPress web designer. AJ, a 2019 Dartmouth grad, joins the team with a ton of web design experience and a pretty incredible background in 3D animation. While we haven’t gone down the road of animating any major movies yet, his talents bring us one step closer to giving the world what it needs, an animated version of The Goonies. Of course, we’d need to figure out how to buy the rights and get the vocal talent onboard but that seems like a relatively minor issue.

Even more excellent news, our Digital Marketing Manager, Jeremy Butcher, is now our Senior Manager of Marketing and Operations. And though the acronym for that is SMoMaO (surely not pronounced like schmoe), I’ll just continue to call him awesome. Jeremy, after joining the company 3 years ago, has done an amazing job helping our clients, grown in talent and ability, and most importantly – listened to me (relatively) patiently about how poor the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team has been. His new role will allow him to continue his work to grow the company and provide awesome service for our clients, while working with our growing workforce on training and key initiatives.

Finally, I’m excited to announce that we brought on an amazing intern this month as well. Jarret Whitehouse comes to us for the summer from IUPUI. As a Computer Science major with just a few months left before graduating, his technical expertise is impressive but his capacity to learn new things quickly has already blown us away. One more thing, Jarret told us one of the projects he did a bit back was to use a 3D printer to make a 3D printer. I haven’t asked yet but I plan on asking him about duplicating life changing items like pizza and pink starbursts – I’ll let you know what I find out.

I’m excited for people to get to know all of these folks and for the exciting year ahead.

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