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  3. New website
  4. New office
  5. Announce business to friends, colleagues, and business contacts (this email)

Some of you may know that Sharp Guys Web Design has been going strong for 3 years as a part time business. Today, I’m incredibly excited to officially announce its creation as a full time operation.

My family is excited as well – and we went all out on our advertising budget to really promote this thing the right way.

Just take a look at the pic below.







So as a friend, former colleague, or acquaintance that I like (probably better than you like me), I need your help –  I need you to remember Sharp Guys Web Design.

My 5 second pitch – digital marketing is our bread and butter; websites, landing pages, lead generation, copywriting, graphic design, etc.

So, how can you help?  As an example – you’re at a party and someone really interesting is chatting to you incessantly about their marketing needs – BOOM.  Sharp Guys Web Design.

In all seriousness, this is a journey I wanted to share with each of you and the website has a ton more details.  Check it out, share it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn if you’re so inclined and stay in touch.  I promise not to email you again about this announcement.  I just wanted to share the exciting news.


Cody Sharp

Original newsletter sent out 9/15/14


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