Hold onto your hats – WordPress isn’t just for hobbyists. It’s the secret sauce behind 43.4% of the internet, from your next-door blogger to giants like UPS, the NFL, CNN, and Time magazine. Even tech titans Outbrain and TechCrunch roll with it. Now, let’s debunk some myths and spill the beans on why we love  WordPress for our Indianapolis website design clients:

1) A Client’s Dream: No Coding, No Hassle

A WordPress-based website will allow for regular updates because you don’t need to know  HTML or other coding (Java or PHP) to make updates.  As the designer, I would need to, but once it was set up, a WYSIWYG  (what you see is what you get) editor would be available to make those changes.  What our Sharp Guys team usually does for our clients is make a step-by-step video showing exactly how you will be able to make those changes.  This makes it so I have no need to charge ongoing fees to your organization for basic maintenance.  It also allows for more immediate changes to be4 Reasons We Use WordPress for Indianapolis Website Design made by the client.  In other words, it saves our clients money.

2) The Plugin Playground: Limitless Possibilities

WordPress offers a ‘development team’ unparalleled in the web design world since in actually it is composed of thousands of independent, voluntary developers – many of which have a huge passion for open source stuff – like WordPress.  Most things companies and individuals are looking for are likely already available within the WordPress plugin “marketplace”.  It is simply a matter of plugging in it and most importantly, making sure it works flawlessly (that can be the sticky part sometimes).  The key is that no coding is required for these items other than customization as necessary.  It is much easier than recreating the wheel.

3) SEO-Ready, Set, Go!

WordPress comes pre-search engine optimized and there are also a couple of fantastic modules on the WordPress ‘marketplace’ that fill in the spaces.  Meanwhile, pure HTML sites require a lot of manual work to set up to be search engine optimized and furthermore, require a ton of additional development work to ensure you stay that way.  In other words, we save ourselves time and we save our clients money.

4) Fort Knox of the Web: Security First

Say hello to peace of mind. WordPress is a nonprofit, dishing out free feature updates and, more importantly, SECURITY updates. We’re talking hacker-repellent. Pure HTML sites? Not so much. They’re like candy stores for online baddies.

I hope that better explains the reasoning behind us using WordPress to make professional websites for our  Indianapolis website design clients. Interested in learning more about our process? Find out if you are a good fit. Not in the mood?  Find out how a website audit can help your business thrive in 2023 and beyond.  Finally, you can find a full video presentation titled WordPress Success: The Good, The Bad, and the Required.

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