I know what you’re thinking

Jeez Cody, What took you so long to send out another semi, self-promotional email?

First off, I want to wish you a happy ‘25 Days of Christmas‘ courtesy of ABC Family, and provide you an interesting read on the intellectual property law of the ‘Grinch’ – no need to thank me, you are most welcome.

The work

Over the last 6 weeks or so we have been busy working on a bunch of new websites and other projects but one in particular I want to highlight since the content (that I did not create) is so incredibly strong.



IEDC – Regional Cities Initiative

This one is special because as a Hoosier I love to see great things happen with our state.  I think the study that the IEDC commissioned is incredibly interesting and helpful for business leaders, political leaders and common Joe’s and Joan’s working to improve our state.

If you haven’t seen the study (it is more than 100 pages), it details a number of trips the IEDC took to well-known cities that are growing, gives examples of how those cities did it, and how our local leaders can do the same for our Hoosier state.  Or in their words, “The IEDC conducted a national study of comparative regions and their core cities that have transformed their economies over the last 20 years to increase talent attraction and investment.”

It is an excellent read and one that I highly recommend.  Not interested in reading the full thing?  There’s an Executive Summary – Read it and feel like an executive.

Other News

If you have never logged into Google Analytics but you’ve heard it is important –this 2 minute video is intended to teach you one single thing about the software.  After watching this, you may be able to bore your friends in ways you never thought possible (but seriously, watch it if you are at all interested in Google Analytics and are brand new to it).

Finally, I want to give a shout out to Google for finally doing something to get rid of those awful CAPTCHAs infesting the net.  If Google could give me only one present this year, I’m glad it was this (though I would have also taken stock options).

I hope you all have a very safe, fun and joy-filled holiday season.  Here’s to hoping I am able to connect with each of you in 2015.



Newsletter Originally Sent on 12/4/2014

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