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Project Description

This news and review website is all about monetization.  We provided a number of ad spots and the author brought in the traffic.  In one day when the website had fresh content, Adsense paid the website over $1600 in advertising dollars.
  • Adsense is easy to begin using but difficult to really make money. We have the knowledge to help you both learn Adsense and profit from it.
    • If you would prefer using a different ad network or even hosting your own ads, we have in depth knowledge on doing this.
  • A custom logo design along with a fantastic custom color scheme assures that it is a page visitors will not forget.
  • Search engine optimization starts at home – each page and post is optimized for best search engine results. Additionally, guest blogging with appropriate websites further increased its search rankings
  • Innovative ways of using 3rd party WordPress widgets ensures this site is really unique. For example, the review page dynamically updates as new games are rated.
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