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Beware the ides of March

This month’s newsletter is a bit shorter than usual (you’re welcome)
While you may already be thinking of St. Patty’s day and green libations, please don’t forget to Beware the ideas of March ! This phrase, one of the only ones I remember from 10th grade English (or Shakespeare) has become

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So That Was All a Blur…

You may remember last month when I officially launched Sharp Guys Web Design as a full time business.  However, I barely do.  The first month was full of late nights, many meetings and happily, some new business opportunities.  In other words – it was awesome, and I wanted to thank

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Announcing a Business in 5 Easy Steps

New logo
New business cards
New website
New office
Announce business to friends, colleagues, and business contacts (this email)

Some of you may know that Sharp Guys Web Design has been going strong for 3 years as a part time business. Today, I’m incredibly excited to officially announce its creation as a full time operation.

My family

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